Body Buttah (8oz)

Body Buttah (8oz)

"Strawberry pound Cake "


Enjoy the sweet smell of a golden shortcake! Topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries




"Blueberry Cream"

Smells like dessert! Blueberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream



"Black Raspberry"

Fruity but not too sweet fragrance. Black rasperry and sugar




Your favortie cookie! Notes of nutmeg, vanilla & spice



"Fudge Brownie"

Creamy fudge . You will definately smell like a snack 


"Apple Strudel"

Notes of buttery nutmeg, fruity apple & whipped cream. Delicious!






“Saturday Morning

This Mango and Shea butter mixture brings you a smooth combination of a sweet scent and lasting glow.


“Cumber Mint”

Blended to give you that “just left the spa feeling.” Whipped with Aloe and Almond oil to leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated.



Smell so sweet like candy! Restore, repair and hydrate your skin all while smelling like a snack ;)



Just peachy! This fruity body butter will make your skin silky smooth and radiant.



Moisturize and soften skin with a burst of lime. Enjoy this whipped mixture of body butters and essential oils.


“Ice Cream Cone”

Exfoliate and treat your skin with the smell of your favorite ice cream. this mix of butter and essential oils will make your body smell and feel like velvet.



Burst of citrus! Clementine is made with natural oils to give your skin a healthy glow and a fresh scent.



Whipped Mango and Shea butter with a floral scent of lavender.

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